Friday, 18 December 2015

Blog Problems!

Since I've now got a full time out of the house job (with a 3 and a half hour commute daily), its proving very difficult to get the small bits of free time together to do a blog in anything like a regular manner.  Muchos apologies.

I'm sure you will have noticed for some time, that I was having trouble with the blog anyway - so many guest posts, by my most excellent friends; which were a result of me being so stressed and tired while job hunting, that I had increasingly little to say.

Oddly, even though my new job is also very stressful (massive learning curve that won't be over anytime soon, plus targets, KPIs, SLAs and all manner of other measuring - some of which clash with other objectives...not to mention I'm customer facing and some of them are...'challenging'), its given me a new perspective and a new energy to want to blog again.

But hardly any time when I'm not exhausted in which to do it.

For instance, had my first day off today (also childcare, but some time to do me things), and I suddenly fell into this hole of knackeredness.  This despite the fact I got to 'lie in' till 6.45 a.m.; as I have to be up at 5 a.m. on workdays.  I had heaps of home stuff to do on my nice oganised list - and getting a blog piece up was one of them.  I had hand written the peice in question on the bus the other day, on a day when I didn't feel like reading (I am getting a crapload of reading done!).  It *was* a little mournful and overthinky, as so many of my posts (and thinkings generally) are, but it was the first slice of life thing I'd done in ages, and I was eager to get it up here. 

Then today...and after my errands and docs appointment...I just...ground to a halt, after loading the washing machine.  I came and sat at the computer and thought about typing and the tiredness washed over me.  After many attempts to do other relaxing things - I went and had a small nap, which did help.  Only now its too late to do anything, its making dinner time and doing Fluffhead again time.  So that's that.

So just to let you know - I'm trying to work out a way to keep at it.  There will still be book and TV/film rambles; still some creative type writing diary stuff, still some essays on literature here and there, and ....whatever the hell else I was managing to put out when my friends weren't helping!!

But there may be a bit of a lull whilst I get into this new rhythm, this new pattern. So watch this space, but in a calm and not pressurised sort of way.  Feel free to pop out for tea, or go and do some Xmas shopping.  (Ah yes: Christmas.  Not feeling it this year.  Never mind, I hope lots of others are.)

And I will see you all again soon! 

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