Sunday, 10 May 2015

Election Results. What I would have said, words of another...

This is a share, an article written by another blogger.  This is what I would have said, were I calm enough to write a measured post about this.  Which I'm not.  Instead, I have taken my fear, sadness, stunnedness (as in, I thought liberalism/ redness/socialism etc would lose, but not this badly - though I am now thinking I should have seen it coming); my disgust and anger, and I've translated them to action.  I've volunteered at three charities that will be seeing an upsurge in demand (one is a food bank), and I actually joined a political party, as I felt like nailing the fact I Sincerely Give A Shit to the mast for myself.  I probably won't be able to volunteer too long, as some financial factors that will appear, now this government is in alone and untrammelled, will mean I have to get a nice minimum wage job soon.  But I'll do what I can for a bit.  Anyway.

I'm sharing this link here, because though its angry, its the clearest thing I've read about why voting blue was a mistake, for the future of ...people. (I miss Aethelread and his eloquence.)



There will be more from the new Guest Season shortly.  Now I've expressed by proxy, my disgust and sadness, off we go with cheering things up a bit, again.  Like Owen Jones is saying: Lets move forward with hope, we have to fight back, create something good.  And like my wise facebook friend Tylluan Penry (see this post she did here, a while back) has said recently - we must not give in to fear and hostility, not attack each other with fear and suspicion.  Stick together in the times to come.  Try to help and aid one another.

Don't fall for thinking the article this post is mainly about is so angry it counts as giving in to fear!  I feel it well expresses how so many people voted Conservative without being fully aware of the implications...many of them were voting against their own interests, fuelled by half understood sound bite arguments.  The blog expresses it perfectly.

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